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    Due to business needs, store upgrades, new store address for the Yiwu International Trade City, 57 and 59 between the door on the 1st floor, 7th Street, 22015 stores a large channel. Welcome to order!

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    Yiwu xingju factory was established in 2005, is located in the world's reputation are all small commodities - Yiwu, is a design, development, production and sales as one of modern enterprises.

    Huai'an in 2013 opened a branch (Huai'an City bright Stationery Co., Ltd.). The company has improved the production plant, advanced a full range of production equipment, professional management and technical personnel, the existing 200 employees. In the production process of continuous learning and accumulated experience, has been the progressive realization of quality management system, production operations standardization, information management network of health management model for the stable production of products to provide a reliable guarantee.

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